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                                   Freedom through familiarization     

                                                   knowledge through understanding!                                              

          Given time, wrong behavior corrects itself -  Bernard Lonnergan

Our Seminars and workshops give the vital skills needed to free yourself from the slavery of its manipulation .

TV Shows need to be reviewed

Every TV show your family watches is a guest in your house.  Should they be invited back? 

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Could the film 'Mockingjay' actually empower our teens?


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  • Parenting vs Media
  • Media Advisor
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When should I allow my child to watch more mature programming?  

- Psychologists tell us that every child is different, on average, most children accept data uncritically until they are 12.  So before then, we all need to be very careful.  From there we need gently expamd the envelope, but doing it critically, discerning value.

Why do some kids command their media while others are commanded by it?. Goebbels taught the world you can get anyone to do anything, what's you understand how to control what they believe.

Ironically the first paragraph of both the Edwards Act and the Curtis Act, Canada and America's first media licensing laws, say in their first pararaph that the  primary responsibility of the tenants, the renters of our public airwaves, is actually not their profit, it is the protection of the public good, our public good! .

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